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Re: [equinox-dev] Minimal Install scenario


This is certainly possible and we do it all the time for builds etc.  When you run Eclipse you are basically starting an OSGi framework and asking it to run some key Eclipse bundles/plugins (runtime and update.configurator to be precise).  These in turn bootstrap the rest of the Eclipse infrastructure.  One of the last things it does is to discover an "application" to run. This is an extension contributed to the org.eclipse.core.runtime.applications extension point.  You will see actually many of these in the standard Eclipse builds.  Once the application is discovered, Eclipse runs it.  When the application returns, Eclipse exits.

So if you are interested in modest Eclipse function (registry, jobs, ...) you can get the RCP drop, delete everything but org.eclipes.osgi and org.eclipse.core.runtime and org.eclipse.update.configurator.  Then write your own plugin that has an application and run with -application <your application name>.  If you include -nosplash then no splash screen is shown.  You can reduce this further if you want to list your plugins on the osgi.bundles line of config.ini.  In that case you can then remove org.eclipse.update.configurator.


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07/25/2004 05:06 PM

Please respond to

[equinox-dev] Minimal Install scenario

Hi all,

On the equinox website you described a minimal install scenario. I
wonder what has to be included in a minimal configuration (a more exact
folder layout including executables, etc.) that supports OSGi and the
Eclipse Plug-in infrastructure (no IDE stuff, no GUI). Is there a
pre-assembled configuration that can be downloaded.
                If I have an appropriate setup in place, how can I start eclipse
with no GUI at all? Is this possible?

Thx in advance,

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