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[equinox-dev] Web site and repo updated

I have updated the Equinox website ( to outline some of the new work areas.  The old content has been archived and removed (it is available from links on the site) to prevent search engines finding it via viewcvs and causing confusion.  Committers in the work areas can begin to fill in content as they have it.  I have given each work area a top level page and directory but beyond that leave it to you to structure the content as appropriate for your needs.  

All I ask is that you avoid using HTML editors which generate ridiculous HTML code (MS Word should definitely NOT be used) and that the content look reasonably coherent wrt the rest of the site.

I have also populated the org.eclipse.equinox repo with the Eclipse R3.0 code for all base and optional RCP plugins.  We can add more as we go if needed but this should be sufficient for now.  I may have missed some peripheral projects.  If so, let me know.

NOTE: this new code is in the "phase2" directory.  The old code (previously in the "plugins" dir) is now in the "phase1" dir and is left there for archeological purposes.

Since we have several work areas in Equinox, I have created separate branches as follows:
        Declarative Services = "services"
        Framework Layering = "layering"
        Dynamic Plugins = "dynamic"
        Security = "security"
People working in these areas should be careful to check out the required projects from the relevant branches.  In general HEAD will not be used until we are seeking to merge with content in the main Eclipse repo.

As always, please forward questions, concerns and ideas to this list.


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