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[equinox-dev] Deprecated version-match constants to be removed

This note only concerns developers that use the org.osgi.framework.Constants interface.

All String constants related to the bundle manifest header attribute "version-match" have been deprecated in the org.osgi.framework.Constants interface.  The following Constants have been deprecated:

public final static String VERSION_MATCH_ATTRIBUTE = "version-match";
public final static String VERSION_MATCH_QUALIFIER = "qualifier";
public final static String VERSION_MATCH_MICRO = "micro";
public final static String VERSION_MATCH_MINOR = "minor";
public final static String VERSION_MATCH_MAJOR = "major";
public final static String VERSION_MATCH_GREATERTHANOREQUAL = "greaterthan-or-equal";

The only components I found that used these constants was PDE and Update.  Both have been updated to remove references to the deprecated constants.  I plan on removing the above constants for the nightly build on Friday.  Please ensure that you do not reference any of the deprecated constants to prevent compilation errors.

Thomas Watson