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[equinox-dev] Re: org.eclipse.osgi.services...

That sounds reasonable to me.


> From: Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx>
> I would like to consider removing the requirement on
> org.eclipse.osgi.services.  Currently I believe we require it from
> to get the 3 preference service types.  I propose
> - copy the 3 types into the runtime plugin
> - removethe Require-Bundle header entry from the runtime manifest
> - add Export-Package entries in the runtime manifest
> - add Provide-Package entries in the runtime manifest
> - inform PDE and Update as they may be interested in the config.ini
> - remove org.eclipse.osgi.services from the standard osgi.bundles list
> - remove it from the RCP bundles list
> - leave it in the platform feature
> The downside to this is that we have a copy of the code.  Since it is
> exported however, there will only be one copy ever loaded (except for
> private copies).  The upside is that it reduces the set of "special"
> bundles to two (just one in the simple RCP scenarios).
> Thoughts?
> Jeff