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Re: [equinox-dev] Question

When you use the term "providing" it is implying the use of a NAMED class space.  A Bundle provides a set of packages to a NAMED class space which is named and versioned by the Bundle-SymbolicName and the Bundle-Version.  In this case the packages are not versioned.  Rather the set of packages the bundle is "providing" is named and versioned.

We do allow two bundles to provide the same package two their own NAMED class space but these two NAMED class spaces must not have the same symbolic name and same bundle version.

Thomas Watson

Olivier Gruber/Watson/IBM@IBMUS
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03/30/2004 07:19 AM
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Can two bundles providing the same package name, same version,

provide different contents?

I would hope not.

If not, is there any other reason why the origin of a package might matter?

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