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[equinox-dev] new bundle manifest headers

If your plug-ins don't have a hand-crafted bundle manifest (MANIFEST.MF), this does not affect you.

Starting with today's build, two new headers for bundle manifests are available:

Eclipse-AutoStart: (true | false) [;exceptions=<package-list>]
Eclipse-AutoStop: (true | false)

Eclipse-AutoStart sets whether the bundle wants to be auto-activated if a class is loaded (the regular Eclipse model), or not (the pure-OSGi model). A bundle may decide to use a mixed model, where some of its classes cause auto-activation when loaded, some don't, and this is what the optional "exceptions" attribute is for: its value is an enumeration of packages that should be handled in the opposite way to what is specified for the Eclipse-AutoStart header.

Eclipse-AutoStop sets whether a bundle that is active during framework shutdown should be automatically stopped (and not restarted) the next time the framework starts up (the Eclipse model) or not (the OSGi model).

This is different from what we had before (auto-activation was on for all bundles, bundles with Legacy: true were auto-stopped during shutdown).

Bundle manifests automatically generated from plugin manifests will have "Eclipse-AutoStart: true" and "Eclipse-AutoStop: true" (the default for both headers being false) so, for developers that do not maintain a hand-crafted MANIFEST.MF no action is required. Otherwise, developers will have to explicitly state that auto-activation/auto-stopping is required.

For more information, see bug 52393: