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Re: [equinox-dev] bundle-classpath and adaptor.mf

The System Bundle manifest is now located at /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF in the project org.eclipse.osgi.  This file defines all the bundle meta data for the System Bundle including Provide-Package, Export-Package and Export-Service manifest headers.  A FrameworkAdaptor has the ablity to add entries to the Provide-Package, Export-Package and Export-Service manifest headers.  This is done by the Default and Eclipse adaptors by the ADAPTOR.MF file.

This is pretty much the same as it was before.  What has changed is that the System Bundle manifest has been moved out of core.jar and into the actual project org.eclipse.osg to make this project look more like a real plugin.  The ADAPTOR.MF has been moved into the same package as the Adaptor class  to extend the contents of the System Bundle's manifest file (so that means it is located at org.eclipse.core.runtime.adaptor.ADAPTOR.MF).  The content of this file have not changed.  I do not think it has ever defined the Bundle-ClassPath of the System Bundle.  The only place I know this is defined is in the plugin.xml file of org.eclipse.osgi and in eclipse.properties.  I think the startup.jar code may use the eclipse.properties file to find out what jars to put on the classpath to start OSGi or it may be hardcoded.

Thomas Watson

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03/03/2004 12:28 PM
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In the previous version of the adaptor, the bundle-classpath was specified in the adaptor.mf, where is it specified now?