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[equinox-dev] Auto starting/stoping "normal" OSGi bundles on eclipse 3.0

I am attempting to use pre-existing OSGi bundles with the equinox runtime.  I find that everything seems to work fine when I install and start a "normal" OSGi bundle on Equinox.  But when the equinox runtime is shutdown core.runtime ends up stopping all the bundles.  On next startup my bundles are still installed but are not active.  I then have to start the bundles my self again.  This is not expected behavior for "normal" OSGi bundles.  These bundles expect to be started if they were active at the time the Framework was shutdown.  Is there a way to prevent this from happening?  Should there be an eclipse header that runtime looks for when determining whether a bundle needs auto stopping?  I think right now it only auto stops bundles that have a Bundle-SymbolicName.

Thomas Watson