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Re: Re[2]: [equinox-dev] uninstalling plugins

The addition and removal of extension and extension point is handled by the runtime.
The runtime also generates a delta containing information about those removals.

Peter Kriens <Peter.Kriens@xxxxxxxx>
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02/12/2004 02:43 AM
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Is there a way for a plugin to remove its registered extension
points and remove the references to the plugin views from Eclipse?

Kind regards,

    Peter Kriens

PM> Just want to confirm that the facilitiesfor dynamic
PM> removal/updates will be there but that the UI can't use them. If
PM> we have our own plugins/features that don't contribute to theUI
PM> then the dynamic update/removal will be supported for those? The
PM> usecase is an  RCP application that has some non-ui plugins I'd
PM> liketo be able to update the non-ui plugins without a restart. I
PM> am using theupdate manager api's to apply the updates.

PM> Thanks,

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PM> Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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PM> Re: [equinox-dev] uninstallingplugins

PM> It is not quite as bad as it seems.  The main usecase we have
PM> seenfor dynamic plugins is dynamic addition.  This is/will be
PM> handledcorrectly.  The dynamic removal/update cases are very real
PM> but somewhatmore rare.  We fully intend to do that but it will
PM> likely not makeinto the UI for 3.0.

PM> Jeff

PM> Peter Kriens <Peter.Kriens@xxxxxxxx>
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PM> Please respond to
PM> pkriens

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PM> Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCAcc

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PM> Re: [equinox-dev] uninstallingplugins

PM> Ai! I knew it was going to be hard, but it kind of pulls the rug out
PM> of the dynamic plugins ...

PM> I hope this will be supported in future releases?

PM> Kind regards,

PM>     Peter Kriens

JM>> Just wanted to let people know thatthe UI team feels it is
JM>> unlikely they will be able to make the UI fullydynamic aware for
JM>> 3.0.  In particular, they likely will not be ableto correctly
JM>> handle plugins (extensions) going away.  They expectadditionto be
JM>> fully supported.

JM>> Jeff

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