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[equinox-dev] Dynamic UI available

Thanks to Rafael who fixed an bundle-uninstallation bug, dynamic UI (org.eclipse.ui.workbench) is now working with the latest Equinox.  The source is based on Eclipse I20031113 build and is available off HEAD.  Jeff/Pascal, could you add org.eclipse.ui.workbench to the next binary release of Equinox? Thanks.

To test dynamic UI, this is what I do:

1. start a new runtime workbench with -condole option on
2. when the new workbench is up, do "status" on osgi console to find out the bundle id for jdt.ui or pde.ui plugin
3. at the osgi console, "uninstall" jdt.ui (or pde.ui)
4. go back to the new workbench to see that all visible ui extensions (perspectives, views, new project wizard, etc.) for jdt.ui (or pde.ui) are gone
5. at the osgi console, do "install reference:fie:<path-of-plugins>.org.eclipse.jdt.ui_3.0.0, you should get a bundle id
6. at the console, "start" this bundle id
7. now go to the new workbench to see that ui extensions for jdt.ui should be back in the workbench

If you want to start the runtime off the project instead of binary, the org.eclipse.ui.workbench assumes other projects not in Equinox. You need to fix the build path (e.g., adding external jars) first.

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