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Re: [equinox-dev] 'Implicit' plug-ins to add

The project that contains the OSGi API is org.eclipse.osgi.
The project org.eclipse.osgi.framework.core is a part of the
implementation of the OSGi framework.

So for a bundle (which is not a plugin and therefore does not know
about org.eclipse.core.runtime), it needs to have the project org.eclipse.osgi
in its buildpath.

For a plugin, it should have org.eclipse.core.runtime,
which in turns re-export (buildpath) org.eclipse.core.runtime.osgi,
which in turns re-export (buildpath) org.eclipse.osgi.
So I guess the intention was that if you add 'org.eclipse.core.runtime'
to your plugin buildpath (as they all do I believe), then you get the
OSGi API for free.

Hope this helps.

Olivier Gruber, Ph.D.
Persistent & Distributed Object Platforms and Frameworks
IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Dejan Glozic <dejan@xxxxxxxxxx>
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10/03/2003 07:06 PM

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        Subject:        [equinox-dev] 'Implicit' plug-ins to add

I took I0930 and unzipped Equinox build on top. Then I started PDE in a
regular build and pointed target platform at the OSGI build. Then I created
'Hello, World' plug-in.

It failed to compile because it could not find org.osgi.framework.Bundle.
When I added plug-in 'org.eclipse.osgi.framework.core' to the list of
required plug-ins, compilation succeeded.

Is the moral of my exercise that 'org.eclipse.osgi.framework.core' is
implicitly required in order to achieve the transitive closure of classes?
Are there other plug-ins/bundles that should be treated this way?


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
Manager, Eclipse Platform Components
IBM Canada Ltd.
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