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[equinox-dev] Plugins vs. bundles

I've been reading the equinox newsgroup and mailing list archives and found very interesting technical discussions on various issues. In particular, I had some interest in the update manager story for an OSGI based Eclipse, and the mapping between various eclipse concepts (plug-ins, features, etc.) to OSGI concepts (bundles, etc.).

When I read the specs, I get the feeling that bundles are more of a crossover between plug-ins and features:
- both bundles and plugins are the basic runtime units in osgi and eclipse, respectively
- in terms of packaging boundaries and division, a plugin seems to capture the developer's need for function reusability, features being the function delivery mechanism, whereas bundles seem to be more like features in this respect. In other words, plugins seem to be more fine-grained than bundles.

As such, one item I couldn't find in the archives is how it was decided to pretty much equate an Eclipse plug-in with an OSGI bundle. I see the similarities, but I was wondering whether alternate "mappings" have been discussed and would appreciate any pointers.