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[equinox-dev] Shipping equinox runtime

Here a question related to build/shipping structure of plug-ins:

Equinox runtime is currently (and probably correctly) designated as
'alternative Eclipse run-time' indicating that Eclipse 3.0 users will have
a choice of runtimes. Consequently, other Eclipse plug-ins (PDE in
particular) cannot count on Equinox being there. For this reason, we plan
to create OSGi PDE plug-ins and tap use extension points to plug the
support in. If OSGi PDE plug-ins are not present, PDE will be OSGi-dumb.
Dropping the plug-ins in will make PDE OSGi-smart. This way, we can include
PDE OSGi-specific plug-ins into the overall OSGi Eclipse 3.0 deliverable
(assuming that there will also be Eclipse 3.0 with the 'classic' Eclipse

Does this make sense?


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
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