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Re[2]: [equinox-dev] OSGi and parameters

I think this sounds like a very useful service. Why not just
experiment with it in Equinox and then when it stabilizes, we make an
RFP for the OSGi standardization.

Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens

JM> Would there be any interest in adding a command line or paramters service 
JM> to OSGi?  I realise that everything likely could be done via -D but this 
JM> not very natural for applications.  For example, there are various stages 
JM> of running a system like Eclipse.  Various arguments are specific to these 
JM> stages.  A good example is the AntRunner.  Eclipse itself has a number of 
JM> args which Pascal outlined.  if you spec "-application ...antrunner" then 
JM> there are a set of args which are passed to the standard Ant code.  Part 
JM> of this is a freeform argument list which is in turn passed to whatever 
JM> ant scripts are running. 

JM> Several things to note...

JM> - Ant gets confused by the Eclipse args and so should not see them. 
JM> (Eclipse does this by striping off the args as it consumes them.  By the 
JM> time it gets to the application only the non-eclipse args are left.  This 
JM> is not entirely satisfactory since there could be arg overlaps  and so the 
JM> need to strip would be ambiguous)
JM> - We don't control the ant code so need to present a command line it 
JM> understands
JM> - the ant command line is relatively freeform so we can't just look for 
JM> pre-defined args...

JM> A simple framework service would allow for variations in the 
JM> implementation of command lines but standardize the usage model so bundles 
JM> caring about command lines would run anywhere.

JM> Jeff

JM> Benjamin Reed <breed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
JM> Sent by: equinox-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
JM> 06/25/2003 01:34 PM

JM>         To:     Pascal Rapicault/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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JM>         Subject:        Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi and parameters

JM> Currently, the only way command line parameters get passed is if the -D 
JM> flag is used to set a system property. Otherwise, the concept of a 
JM> command line is totally absent from OSGi.

JM> If I understand you properly, you would have a framework service that 
JM> would expose the command line with something like:

JM> package org.eclipse.osgi;
JM> public interface CommandLine {
JM>                  public String []getArgs();
JM> }

JM> That would be the OSGi style.

JM> The other option is that you could stick with the 
JM> BootLoader.getCommandLineArgs() way. and just have interested bundles 
JM> import the package.

JM> Either way, as you point out, you will need to do something 
JM> implementation dependent. Although, it really isn't that big of a deal, 
JM> since you will just be modifying the launching code.

JM> ben

JM> Pascal Rapicault wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to know what is the usual way of passing parameters to 
>> "application" and/or "bundle" running in OSGi.
>> Basically the case I'm trying to resolve is the following:
>>         today in eclipse: a set of parameters are passed on startup (on 
>> the command line), and those parameters are
>>         then surfaced in eclipse through the Boot plugin. This gives a 
>> uniform way for people to access parameters.
>> How can I give the bundles access to the command line parameters, in a 
>> nice way?
>> My current idea is to create a implementation depend service that would 
>> surface parameters.
>> Any suggestions? Any ideas? Any comments?
>>         PaScaL

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