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Re: [equinox-dev] Updates on registry resolution


I understand your motivation when you said that "no currently resolved plugins go unresolved" but I think this behaviour may not be desired by everybody. I think the algorithm must not try to be clever, because it will never satisfy all the cases.

In order to avoid the "resolved / unresolved" by surprise, we are thinking of providing a way to do a "two phase install" :
        1) you will install, uninstall etc... plugins and you will be able to query the system to know what are the results of these operations
        2) once you are happy with the results you simply "commit" the operations you've done so they really take effect.

Note that the first phase does not affect the running system.


Pascal Rapicault/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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05/28/2003 09:13 AM

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I'm moving this thread to the public knowledge.


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I'm impressed that you're making such good progress!!!

I didn't understand your comment regarding changing back to original intent - do library plug-ins currently not get resolved if they have their prerequisites satisfied? Does this only happen when the library is not required by other plugins?

I'm really looking forward to seeing your code.

What have you do with the extension/extension point resolver?

What are your thoughts regarding permitting/disallowing the enablement/disablement of plugins? We should discuss this with Jeff et al but my thoughts are that we should we refactor the resolver so that we can run it w/o effecting a running register (this is not too hard with the current resolver).

Consider enable(plugin-list). My thoughts are that this should only be allowed if