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[equinox-dev] Re: Questions Regarding Changing Interfaces

Overall, I suggest you deprecate old API for now.  This minimizes breakage (maximizing function) and expresses your intent.

re: get/setEnabled.  Its been a while since I looked at these.  I suspect that the API should just have isResolved(), isEnabled, isConfigured,...  Disabling, deconfiguring a plugin should be an operation on the PlatformConfiguration or some such.

re isDeactivated().  What is the intention here?  That is, what error state are you thinking of?  I could imagine wanting to know if a currently !isActivated() plugin has ever been isActivated().  Perhaps hasBeenActivated() or wasActivated()?  Those in combination with isActivated() should cover all states.


Keith Kimball@IRIS

05/12/2003 11:38 AM

        To:        Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
        Subject:        Questions Regarding Changing Interfaces


How much flexibility do we have at refactoring interfaces? The two places I would like to change names are: