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Re: WebStart/JMX use cases (was RE: [equinox-dev] April 8th meeting minutes)


> 4. Standalone server applications with CORBA or RMI interface. Usage of the
> Eclipse plugin framework is straightforward in this case.

We have implemented something like this and observed a number of problems. The most problematic one, I think, is the usage of the Java serialization mechanism for RMI parameter objects, because the serialization mechanism does not "know" from which plugin a specific class came from (that is used for an object inside the stream). There are several workarounds for this (e.g. a special context class loader for the thread that does an overall class search) but I don't know a real clean solution for this.
One solution might be to extend the ObjectInput/OutputStreams to store additional information for each class into the stream (plugin_id, for example), but I don't know of any possibility to substitude the object streams that are used for RMI.

Any idea?

Best regards,