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[equinox-dev] CVS repo populated

The Equinox CVS repo has been populated with the Eclipse 2.1 M5 and RC1 code bases for the platform.  JDT and PDE are not included for now.  They can be added later if needed.

There should be some discussion as to how we want to work.  The initial direction is to use branches for large work items.  So, for example, there is a branch called "Dynamic_Plugins".  One could imagine other branches like "OSGi" etc.  To make this work, we need to keep a handle on the number of branches and document them reasonably well so that people know where to find things and where to work.  We will keep a "branch registry" (located on the equinox-home pages).  All main work branches should go in here along with an explanation etc.  People can still create their own branches as needed but these should be viewed as temporary.

Also, the question of HEAD has come up.  It is still fuzzy but HEAD should play the role of "platform integration stream".  That is, things that we want to contribute to the platform should first get integrated into our HEAD, tested, understood etc. and then a consolidated set of patches etc can be generated.

This is a starting position/direction.  Things may change over time.