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[epsilon-dev] Foundation Code and Issue services reminder

Hi Everyone,

You may not be aware but the Webmaster team has started the process of deprecating our current Gerrit[1] and Bugzilla[2] instances. We'd like to encourage your project to discuss moving sooner rather than later to avoid migrations done against a specific timeline.

Your migration options are either the Foundation’s hosted GitLab instance [3] or our presence on GitHub[4]. Both options provide a more integrated tool set (code, issues, wiki and discussions (GitHub only)) rather than our current disparate tool set. 

Continuous integration with Jenkins works well for both options, and will be our focus for the foreseeable future. For GitLab we’re also investigating the possibilities of using GitLab CI which is similar to GitHub actions, and could be used for features like dependency checks or GitLab pages.  

You can start your move by filing an issue[5] letting us know where (GitLab/GitHub) and when you'd like to move, and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Do you have questions? Check out some of our documentation[6], or a comparison[7] to help you choose. You can also write to Webmaster, and our team will do it's best to find an answer.



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