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Re: [epp-dev] EPP 2020-12 RC2

+1 for  eclipse-embedcpp-2020-12-R-macosx-cocoa-x86_64.dmg on macOS 10.15.7

+1 for eclipse-embedcpp-2020-12-R-linux-gtk-aarch64.tar.gz on Raspberry Pi OS

Several AArch64 notes:

- the Webkit exception is still thrown at first start:

SWT Error: Could not find webkit extension. BrowserFunction functionality will not be available. 
(swt version: 4940r23) SWT Glue code version: 56.0 info: +BrowserFunction with private GDBus, +WebKitExtension Folder versioning, +WebKitExtension OSGI support, +setUrl(..postData..), setCookie(), getCookie +mouseDown/Focus +WebKit2 only
WebKit2Gtk version 2.30.3

- the startup time is shorter, probably the embedded Java helped; the startup time for the very first AArch64 release was around 80 seconds with Java 11, now it is around 65 seconds with Java 15; as a comparison, Visual Studio Code starts in about 4-5 seconds.

- the indexer may take minutes



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