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Re: [epp-dev] Minimum BREE for EPP Neon


After using lambda¹s in some pure Java projects I¹ve worked on recently,
I¹d love to use them for my Eclipse work as well.


On 2015-07-30, 1:52 PM, "epp-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Lars
Vogel" <epp-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>I noticed yesterday that m2e moved to Java 8, which triggered this
>request. I contacted Markus Knauer and he suggested that I should send
>an email to this list to trigger the discussion about BREE for the
>EPP's in Neon.
>I personally think it would be great to require Java 8 as BREE for the
>EPP out of the following reasons:
>- Java 7 is out of public maintenance
>- if the EPP's decide early that they will require Java 8, other
>project will have the option to improve their code base based on Java
>- if m2e requires Java 8, AFAIK this would bump the most important
>EPP's also to Java 8.
>In Platform UI I would also like to support the Java 8 Date and Time
>API via Databinding, which would also bump platform to Java 8. This is
>not yet implement but on our roadmap. AFAIK the Jetty webserver also
>requires Java 8, which would result in a bump in the Eclipse Help
>system to Java 8.
>Best regards, Lars
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