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Re: [epl-discuss] Inquiry about EPL 1.0

Die 29. 09. 21 et hora 14:35 Mike Milinkovich scripsit:
> > Thus, may
> > I write "*copyright (c) 2021 XXX project **contributors*" for a
> > project which will firstly open source a few weeks later under EPL
> > 1.0 as its contributors really want to remain anonymous?
> Honestly, I don't know the answer to this question. If no one else on
> this list can answer it, then I would suggest trying
> license-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
> Historically, the Eclipse Foundation does not allow anonymous
> contributions, but I believe that is because we want to ensure complete
> transparency on the provenance of all our project's code.

I _quickly_ skimmed through EPL-2.0 and I could not see where the license 
would force a Contributor to be non-anonymous. I can see how license 
enforcement and more importantly identification of “Licensed Patents” could be 
an issue in practice, if Contributors remain anonymous though.

So, IMHO something like “© contributors to project X” should be OK, but you 
might complicate things later on.

BTW, for a standardised way of marking your own code with copyright and 
license info, I would recommend you check out

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