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Re: [epl-discuss] Materials for EPL Call

Die 30. 01. 17 et hora 19.51.06 Weinstock, Nicholas Matthew Neft scripsit:
> First I wanted to mention the defined term "Contributor," which essentially
> redefines the word to mean "distributor."

Since a secondary objective seems to be also to redraft the EPL-2.0 in a way 
that would be more in line with the Eclipse Contributor Agreement and its DCO, 
what about borrowing some of the definitions from there as well:

I assume that in practical terms, we’re talking about the same stuff (code, 
non-code, copyrightable or not) as “Contribution” that both 1) “You” in the 
ECA (or “I” in the DCO) are signing off on; and 2) the “Contributor” in the 
EPL contributed.

…then again, it’s already late and I may be talking nonsense.

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