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Re: [epl-discuss] Draft changes

Switching from "module" to "file" addresses my first technology related concern.

In its simplest form, my other proposal just changes "object code form" to "executable form". There are additional questions about how we define and clarify those terms, but that could be addressed in an FAQ rather than the license text itself.

I wouldn't have thought it necessary to clarify that subclasses are not derivative works, but recent unrelated discussions have taught me otherwise. The clarification makes sense to me. The term is technology specific and doesn't cover prototypal inheritance such as _javascript_, but I don't want to further belabor the point!


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Date:        03/24/2015 02:22 PM
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P.S. John Arthorne, I am still interested in looking at your proposed changes, but they seemed like they required more thought and drafting care than this initial set.

On 24/03/2015 2:01 PM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:


I took a stab at some changes to the EPL for people to review and comment on. You can see them at [1].

The changes made included:

1.        changing "module" to "file".
2.        making use of the definition of "Derivative Work" from the Apache License, plus the addition of the phrase "or subclass".
3.        Removed the last paragraph of the license which has the effect of:
a.        removing the choice of law provision
b.        removing the stipulation of no jury trial
c.        remove the stipulation that no action can occur if the cause of the action is more than one year ago

Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated!

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