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Re: [epl-discuss] Source distribution and network users of the licensed work / ASP loophole

I don't think that would fly with the EPL, it is not viral like that...

that is one reasons so many businesses support the bsd license variants over GPL, they are much safer for a company to protect their intellectual property using licenses like the Apache License or the EPL

So could someone take orion and improve it significantly and then try and charge for it?  Sure...more power too them, but if they are not 'nice' about it they are going to be massacred by the online community for not contributing back, at least in part.  Do they need to freely give back all of the important changes they made? Not in the least...they are trying to make money and that isn't a bad thing...if they are doing that sort of significant work should they at least be contributing back bug fixes and what makes sense to open source? sure... Become members of the Eclipse Foundation? Advisable and good practice...  Work to get key folks in their organization as committers on the project?  Also advisable.

Eclipse avoids GPL for a reason in the IP process, it is perceived as very dangerous for companies to incorporate into their products.


jesse mcconnell

On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 4:00 AM, Oliver Kopp <koppdev@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

While thinking about the implications of licensing a work under the
EPL, I checked the license about "usage via network". For instance, if
one forks Eclipse Orion, improves it significantly and makes that
available online for a monthly fee, he is not required to publish the
source code again, is he? If it was Eclipse and he sold an Eclipse
variant, only the changes in the "core" (EPL-covered-part) of Eclipse
had to be published again. This is not the case in the Orion example,
is it?

In other words, I'm asking for an improvement similar what Affero did
to the GPL: closing the "ASP loophole".


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