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Re: [epf-dev] How to customize a task

Hi Matthieu,

Although the icon editor feature isn't there for tasks, there is a workaround.
You could create "template" tasks with the icons that you want using IBM Method Composer (the 60 day free trial version), and then use these as templates for creating additional tasks with those icons (just copy and paste the task that has the desired icon).

You could also create your template tasks in EPF Composer and then directly edit the plugin.xmi file to add the shapeicon and nodeicon atttributes as shown below

<contentElements xsi:type="org.eclipse.epf.uma:Task" xmi:id="_EwDy8E-HEeqeds3FWOP98Q" name="task1" guid="_EwDy8E-HEeqeds3FWOP98Q" presentationName="Task1" briefDescription="TBD" shapeicon="tasks/resources/new_shape_icon.gif" nodeicon="tasks/resources/new_node_icon.gif"

IBM Method Composer also supports extending the meta-model if you wanted to go that route, but then you would also have to use Method Composer to publish.

For capability patterns, you can only select from 3 available icons, phase, iteration, and activity.
When publishing a capability pattern with tasks that have specific icons, I think you will have to publish using the option to "Replace descriptor page with linked content element page", otherwise you will just see the task descriptor icon in the published site.

Please reply direct to me and not the epf-dev list to minimize traffic. I'm only responding to the list so that others know that your question has been responded to.

Bruce MacIsaac
Solution Architect, IBM Engineering Lifecycle Products / Engineering Method Composer (MEC)

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Date: 04/23/2020 12:35 AM
Subject: [EXTERNAL] [epf-dev] How to customize a task
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I'm writing you because I'm trying to describe a process using EPF but I don't know how to manage something.
I'd like to describe the process which seems quite easy using tasks, capability patterns and delivery processes from the SPEM metamodel.
The point is that I'd like also to describe how to apply this process in the tools I use and the guidances are a bit limited because the process being tool agnostic a task is not linked to a unique guidance. For example if a task is linked to several tool mentors it is not possible to clearly define which one should be done first etc. A solution could be to use a Guideline artefact to describe all of that but the goal of using EPF was for me to avoid this kind of big guidelines which are not really read then...
I saw that it doesn't seem possible to customize the metamodel, creating new elements by heritage for example, so I'm wondering if it could be possible to have a section to customize icons for tasks and capability patterns? It could allow to use tasks and workflow diagrams of capability patterns to explain what shoud be done in the tool with a way to identify each of them at the first sight.


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