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[epf-dev] Language Translation - help needed

Dear EPF Developers,

I need some help to have my published site in Turkish. I have search through the archives could not find any solution.

I have developed my roles, work products, guidance elements, process etc all in Turkish language. When I published the content, it is in Turkish language; but titles etc are English.
So, my primary concern is to have translate titles,etc to Turkish. If it is not too much work, I would like to translate all the stuff into Turkish and contribute to the EPF.

All I need to have some guidance and required resources if any.

PS: I work on EPF

Kind Regards,

Erhan ÇINAR 
Teknoloji ve ARGE Direktörü
Technology & RD Director

Bilgi Sistemleri AŞ

Information Systems Co. Inc.
Tel: +90.312.473 3925-27/117
Fax:+90.312.473 3928
GSM:+90.532.372 5238
E-mail: erhanc@xxxxxxxxxxxx


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