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Re: [epf-dev] Feature Requests

Thanks for the Update, Bruce.

Thanks and Regards,
Jeganathan Velu.

On 10 August 2013 00:17, Bruce Macisaac <bmacisaa@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Velu,

Your second request is already implelemented, and is documented in the online help.

Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Composer > Creating reusable method content
Changing feedback addresses

The e-mail address used for feedback in a published configuration can be changed by editing the Feedback URL field in the Select publishing options window. This window is part of the Publish Method Configuration wizard.

The default setting is:

This address must be changed before publishing.

A simple e-mail address uses syntax such as:


Additional syntax can be used to embellish the feedback e-mail. Those features are shown in the following table:

Table 1. Feedback Syntax
Send message to multiple recipients , (comma separating email addresses)
Specify the "Subject" field ?subject= Subject Text
Send message using the "Copy To" or "CC" field ?&cc=id@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Send message using the "Blind Copy To" or "BCC" field ?&bcc=id@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Feedback URL: Configuration&


  • Use only one ? (question mark) when creating any entry beyond e-mail address. See example above.
  • If the subject parameter is not included, it will be automatically generated based on the page with the feedback button.

As for your first request, collapsible views in the treebrowser, your should log such requests via bugzilla and will be prioritized against other requests.  That said, IBM tends to add new functionality into EPF composer if it's needed for small standalone process descriptions.  IBM intends RMC to be the tool of choice for more advanced process descriptions.   Others are welcome to add such enhancements, but so far IBM has been the main contributor to the EPF Composer tool.

Bruce MacIsaac
408-250-3037 (cell)

From:        velu jeganathan <velujeganathan@xxxxxxxxx>
To:        Eclipse Process Framework Project Developers List <epf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Date:        08/08/2013 09:38 AM
Subject:        [epf-dev] Feature Requests
Sent by:        epf-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi All,

I have been using EPF over the last three months to define process content for my organization.

Have the following feature requests. Requesting you to consider them in your backlog if feasible:

1.  Requesting for collapsible views in the tree browser (similar to RMC). currently in EPF output - view tabs (when i have multiple views in a configuration)  are appearing parallel until the left hand column is re-sized.. This makes the published website not look good when i have multiple process definitions (say waterfall and scrum processes) published through a single configuration.

2. If the above feature will not be available, i will have to publish multiple websites

3. Will it be possible to make the feedback link in the published website point to an email id, instead of url ? when used within an organization, it will help me to link feedback to organizational SEPG group id instead of a website.

Thanking you again, for publishing such an wonderful tool in the public domain. I am a process analyst and it has helped my team a lot.

Thanks and Regards,
Jeganathan Velu,
Bangalore, India._______________________________________________
epf-dev mailing list

epf-dev mailing list

yours  jegan.

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