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Re: [epf-dev] A question regarding Eclipse EPF Composer

Hi Khaled,

This isn't easy in either EPF or RMC.
In RMC, you might think "Suppress" in the team process view could work, but it isn't enabled for categories.
In both EPF and RMC, subtracting a category in the configuration editor removes the elements, not the category.
In RMC, you could use the process builder syntax to subtract the category element - complicated, but could work (I haven't tested this).
You could replace the category with another category with a different name - but generally that means the elements are grouped the same way, just with a differently named category.  If that limitation is not a problem, then that may be a solution for you.

The recommended way for a company to change categorizations is to copy the "assign" plug-ins that you want to change, and delete the originals.
As long as nothing is categorized by a category, it won't show up.  

In RMC you can create a workspace-based library and selectively include/exclude plug-ins.  In EPF you would actually have to delete the assign plug-ins.

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Subject:        [epf-dev] A question regarding Eclipse EPF Composer
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I have a question regarding Eclipse EPF Composer for a friend of mine ..

As I quote him:

How do I delete a Discipline in EPF Composer 1.5?

I'm making a method combining Scrum with the OpenUP lifecycle and deliverables. I also want to keep the OpenUP disciplines apart from "Project Management". I can "hide" it so that it's not immediately obvious in my generated method site. But when you then navigate to the "Risk List" artefact for example the PM is still seen as contributing, and if you click on the link, you get taken to the PM Discipline page.

How can I remove it completely from my method without deleting it from the OpenUP library which I'm consuming?

Best Regards,


khaled abdullah khunaifer


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