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[epf-dev] Feature Suggestion : Including Metrics and Measures Definition feature in EPF

Hi All,

I am a Process and Quality Assurance Analyst at a Canada based IT services and product company.

I was exploring features with EPF and have the below suggestion.

Any process definition, implementation and improvement require definition and collection of  process measures/metrics and also task related measures and metrics. Without defining appropriate measures and metrics a process definition is never complete.

For example productivity is one metric with agile and measures such as effort and kloc are to be captured at each sprint level.Also an artifact or a deliverable can be associated with metric such as defect density, size etc (in software development or services terms)

A provision added to the EPF  tool to define measures, relate them to metrics and also relate them to artifacts/tasks/processes etc..
This will also enable metrics/measures definition re-use across the processes.

Just wanted to share this suggestion :-).Thanks a ton  for the  great work you people are doing.

Thanks and Regards,
Jeganathan Velu.

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