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[epf-dev] Single XMI file

Dear EPF-Dev,

In the EPFC Architecture Overview, there is the following explanation :

"The default EMF persistence implementation stores a container and all containing elements, associated by composition, in a single XMI file. Based on the above class diagram, this would produce an extremely large XMI file that stores a method library and all its containing elements. Naturally, this would lead to performance and scalability issues as a method library grows in size. To resolve these issues, the default EMF Ecore implementation is extended to optionally store the containing elements in a separate XMI file. This design allows library elements such as the method configurations, method plug-ins, method content description and processes to be persisted in their own XMI files."

Please do you know how to desactivate the multiple XMI files option, to store the method library in a single XMI file ?

Thanks and best regards,

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