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[epf-dev] Questions about file "org.eclipâse.epf.autâhoring.ui.âeditors.PrâocessEditoâr.java"



I'm writing to you to ask a question.


In the source file "org.eclipse.epf.authoring.ui.editors.ProcessEditor.java", the function "addPages" seems to be used to generate the tab "Description" "Work Breakdown Structure" etc. In "Work Breakdown Structure", it is a form. According to the code in  "org.eclipse.epf.authoring.ui.editors.ProcessEditor.java", it seems that all the names of columns are coming from an Array of "ColumnDescriptor". And this array is assigned by the method like this:


ColumnDescriptor[] columnDescriptors = toColumnDescriptors(store.getString(ApplicationPreferenceConstants.PREF_WBS_COLUMNS));


Now, I want to add a new column in the form whose columns correspond to what is obtained by the code above. However, it is not very evident for me to find out where I should add the code, could you plesease give me a hand and accelerate my work?


Thank you very much.
Best regards.
HU Hao