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[emft-dev] Committer Election for Pierre-Charles David on Eclipse Ecore Tools has started

A committer election for Pierre-Charles David on project Eclipse Ecore Tools
(modeling.ecoretools) was started by Cedric Brun with this criteria:

Hi folks,

I re-trigger the election as I was unfortunate enough to launch it while the
only other person able to vote was unavailable (Sorry Ed).
Here comes the original note:

I realized lately that while I'm still commited to EcoreTools as a projet and
are willing to continue to lead it, I need help in keeping up with the releng
activities, technologies upgrades, patch reviews, all these activities which
are - in my opinion - way more efficient when you react quickly.
Pierre-Charles from the Sirius team offered to help through patchsets and
reviews (See [1] and [2] as examples), I'd like now to nominate him as
commiters on the EcoreTools project. He knows about the ins and outs of
contributing in this community, building the bits and participating into the
release train.

Please cast your votes using the portal.


Eclipse Ecore Tools project committers can click the election link below to



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