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[emft-dev] Project Lead election for Fabien Giquel on Eclipse EMF Facet

A project lead election for Fabien Giquel on project Eclipse EMF Facet
(modeling.emft.emf-facet) was started by Gregoire Dupe with this criteria:

I (Grégoire Dupé) have leaved the Mia-Software team to join another team
which is not involved in modeling technologies. Because of my new activities,
I cannot undertake the lead of EMF Facet anymore.

That’s why I nominate Fabien Giquel as a co-lead of EMF Facet. Fabien is
involved in the Mia-Software’s contribution to Eclipse since the beginning
(8 years). He has all the required skills for this position : project
management, modeling, development and release engineering.

Fabien and I are colleague, this will help to keep in touch to ensure the

Grégoire Dupé

Eclipse EMF Facet project committers can click the election link below to



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