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Re: [emft-dev] [Edapt] Changing Edapt Project Lead

Thanks for takin over Edapt.

Am 06.11.2014 16:28, schrieb Maximilian Koegel:

I would like to appoint Johannes Faltermeier (currently committer of
Edapt) to become project lead as a replacement for Markus, who agreed to
pass on his project lead. Johannes has very actively pushed for the
graduation of Edapt and has coordinated all release and graduation
efforts. I believe he has done and will do a great job as a project lead
and I am looking forward to co-lead the project with him!
A big thank you also to Markus who did a great job to initiate and lead
the project up until now!

I kindly ask Markus and the comitters of Edapt to please indicate their
opinion on this mailinglist.

Best regards,

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