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Re: [emft-dev] Update on EMF Context Bridge

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the link on Yongming's efforts. I'm not sure that anyone knew about that, but looking at the VCS it looks like we're both going down some of the same roads. :) Yongmin, do you have any interest in putting your work in as a contribution to Eclipse proper or in participating? I've already started playing with the Ecore Diagram stuff but it would be great to have your involvement if you're interested.

I hope to have a drop of the barebones EMF piece with some EcoreDiagram bits in the next week or so. I've been wrapping my head around the Mylyn API and putting together a test harness as well. I'm focussing on supporting the EMF tree editor and framework first. We're doing this through Mylyn Incubator so I guess follow ups could be to mylyn-incubator-dev though we might want to include EMFT as well since there is so much overlap.

We do have a pretty tight timeline -- I'm looking to get the implementation out for end of August. But of course we would all love to see other contributors and this is a neat cross-pollination of technologies. Is there a part of the puzzle that you're particularly interested in?



On Jul 13, 2011, at 1:26 AM, Jan Mauersberger wrote:

> Hi Miles,
> great to hear about this initiative. I just wanted to know how the work on this is currently organized and how people can contribute.
> Besides, how is the relation to other projects and attempts like the one Yongming Luo?
> See
> Best regards
> Jan
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