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[emft-dev] Re: Sketch, Re: [modeling-pmc] GMF Restructure and GMP creation

Yes, I think on reflection that you are right. For the (far) future, I was thinking of it in the sense of a specific case of a soft/fuzzy mapping between concepts and formal models, as Ugo and I discussed on sketch forum. (BTW, there could be an analogous functionality for TMF. i.e. from NLP -> Formal Languages, in which users actually ended up "training" the mapping as they developed more complex descriptions.) For example, you might start out with simple CRC triples and then work up to a more formal structure from there... This is a very 'reasearchy' idea of course -- and as I said on the forum way out of scope -- but it would certainly be interesting! :) Anyway, as I said my intuition is that it is actually the backing model for the recognition of these patterns/gestures that is the most intriguing aspect of sketch.

On Apr 23, 2010, at 1:14 AM, Mariot Chauvin wrote:

> Hi Miles,
> I am not sure it makes sense to have Sketch under the GMP.  It would be
> usable without a modeling dependency directly on top of GEF. Of course
> combining Sketch with a graphical modeling toolkit/runtime will allow to
> build awesome graphical modeling tools.
> Cheers
> Mariot
> Miles Parker a écrit :
>> Congratulations Anthony. I think this is a really positive and forward
>> looking change. My guess is that the way that the subprojects (i.e.
>> existing GMF) are restructured to encourage different tooling and
>> runtime approaches will be really helpful.
>> I wonder if anyone has discussed the possibility of having Sketch
>> included under the umbrella instead of at ETP?  It probably didn't
>> make sense before under modeling, but as part of GMP it seems a pretty
>> natural fit even though it is arguably more end-user enablement
>> focussed. Would that be worth suggesting to them? The proposal review
>> is on the 28th.
>> On Apr 22, 2010, at 4:39 PM, Anthony Hunter wrote:
>>> Hi Team,
>>> Our GMF Restructure has been approved by the EMO, so we are
>>> proceeding with the creation of the Graphical Modeling Project.
>>> I blogged about our goals for the restructure again in
>>> We are now starting the actual restructure. The ongoing work will be
>>> tracked in if
>>> you wish to follow along.
>>> Cheers...
>>> Anthony
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