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Re: [emft-dev] Should there be an EMFT Aggregate Update Site? (was Re: Texo build on modeling download pages)

Alternatively, if you build your update site/zip with a list of associate sites from which it was built, then your single repo can point at all its other dependent repos and you don't actually need to aggregate/duplicate.

Thus if GMF points at specific EMF and GEF update sites, those sites will be in the user's list of Available Sites and they'll resolve the exact bundles against which GMF was built. (Assuming the site hasn't been changed, that is.)

Increasingly this idea of "one stop shopping" seems outdated. I think the idea of "I know what I need to be installed" makes more sense. Sure, you lose some marketing (you don't have a big list of all the projects in EMFT on a single site) but you gain simplicity ("I only want Ecore Tools, so I only need to add the ecore tools site, and don't have to scroll though a dozen distractions.")

FWIW, those are my $0.02,


On 03/15/2010 02:14 PM, Dennis Hübner wrote:
+1 for an EMFT Aggregation or at least composite Update site.

Nick Boldt schrieb:
You cannot merge your updates into the larger EMFT update using the
simple unpack-a-zip method. **DO NOT** point your promote script at an
existing update site or it will destroy it.

If you want an aggregate EMFT site, I suggest you look at using the
Buckminster Aggregator [1], [2] to collect a number of sites into a
single directory and regenerate the required metadata at the same time.



Frankly, though, I think each project should maintain its own site to
avoid collisions and coordination problems. For an aggregate update
site containing all of EMFT, there's Helios. Does EMFT really need its
own? If so, this needs all the projects to agree to a whole new
mechanism, workflow and schedule of aggregation. It's easy enough to
set up the script to run via a crontab to aggregate the projects'
sites into a single site (or 3: interim, milestones, releases). But
you need to have someone "own" the process and make sure that if it
fails it gets re-run, or polices the projects who contribute to it to
ensure there are no missing deps in the aggregator script.

You can also get fancy w/ the aggregator and move features into
categories, or add associate sites [3]. Here's an example of that:


Recommend opening a bug and cc:'ing all the project leads so that
everyone's aware of this new coordination plan.


On 03/13/2010 04:17 PM, Martin Taal wrote:
Hi Nick,
Thanks for the answers. The promote.xml nicely creates a texo specific
update siite here:

this because I give this as the targetUpdateDir.

However, I also want it to be placed on this update site:

Should I do this by just changing the targetUpdateDir? I guess so but
what is a good syncmethod setting.

If I choose replace as the syncmethod will then only Texo builds be
replaced or will the complete update site be replacecd by Texo (not what
I want as I would delete also the EMFT things there).

With Regards, Martin Taal

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Nick Boldt wrote:
I have started to use the promote.xml script (see the output below). A
question I have, how are the EMF update sites updated? It does not
to happen with the promote.xml I am using.

You give it the folder in which the Update zip is found, and it
unpacks it into the directory you specify. Easy-peasy. Perhaps your
zip has some weird non-standard name? Or isn't a zip? Maybe you want
to just add a <copy> step to the end of your promote.xml script to
simply copy the unpacked site to its final resting place on



Another thing: I put the update site zip in the drop directory but the
zip link is not shown. There seems to be a mismatch between what the
modeling download page expects and the name of the Update zip file.
update zip file has this name:

The download page shows this:


Two issues:

a) build.cfg file is missing
b) filename doesn't follow the usual pattern. Go look at how your
Teneo zips are named and follow accordingly. Hint: remove "-0.1.0"

can the modeling download page to be changed to
not show the links/groups for which there are no files?

Yes. Go edit www/modeling/emft/downloads/index.php and add/remove
entries. Same process you did for Teneo when adding EclipseLink. You
may want to look at www/modeling/emf/downloads/index.php for examples
of files which have been deprecated / added to EMF (Core).

You could also trash the downloads page entirely and go with something
lighter-weight like this:

(or perhaps something more stylish, but just as simple.)

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