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[emft-dev] UPDATE - [MWE, Xpand, Xtext] Infrastructure changes

Hi all,

I've updated the instructions (see

We now have ant scripts in each releng project. They are located at team/setupworkspace.xml.
They contain four different targets:

- materializing target platform
- generating test suites and launch configs for every test project contained in the project's test feature
- updating the project settings (copying the settings form the releng project to all projects matching the include pattern you find in the ant script)
- generating the extssh-proxy and pserver version of team/projectset/extssh/projectset.psf.

The default target is 'run' which executes all four targets.

The extssh links for the different project sets are:

If you ant to have two or three of the projects in one workspace you only need to import the respective team project sets and add the different generated target platforms in your target platform preferences (adding respective directories).


On Aug 24, 2009, at 2:48 PM, Sven Efftinge wrote:

Hi all,

after moving the builds to the new Athena build and having respective jobs over at
We now also changed the workspace setup a bit.

*org.eclipse.<project>.releng ONLY*

While migrating to Athena we had to maintain the old infrastructure, therefore we introduced new /releng projects for the different projects.
These projects are no longer in use. We now use the *org.eclipse.xtext.releng*, *org.eclipse.emf.mwe.releng* and *org.eclipse.m2t.xpand.releng* projects again.

*No 'develop/' project anymore*

previously we used a project "/develop" (checked in at Xtext's CVS) in order to maintain developer tools and configuration. 

All this is now included in *org.eclipse.<my-projects>.releng/team*.

*Team project set per project*

Previously there was one big team project set including Xpand, Xtext, MWE as well as EMF. 

We now have a project set per project only containing the sourced from that project. So if you only work on Xtext you don't need to check our Xpand and MWE - if 
you only work on Xpand you don't need MWE and Xtext.
Still you can import all three projects. 
Team project sets are located in *org.eclipse.<my-projects>.releng/team/projectset/*

Browse the webviewer in order to get them :

*Dedicated target platform*

Previously the workspace setup for developers included a sequence of what tools to install, so that they are available in the target platform. That is we mixed up the development tool (the IDE) and what our projects our compiled against (target platform).

We now have a small _javascript_ located in *org.eclipse.<my-project>.releng/team/src/org.eclipse.<my-project>.releng. MaterializeTargetPlatform* (e.g. /org.eclipse.xpand.releng/team/src/org/eclipse/xpand/releng/, which downloads and extracts the same target platform we use in the build.
That is the list of zips you find in the' 'dependencyURLs' property. Note that you have to adapt the 'eclipse-platform' property in order to have the right eclipse downloaded. Also note that the default URL to the eclipse sdk is VERY slow. So you better point it to another URL, which is faster.

I've updated the corresponding information on the xtext website ( and removed the dead content in the wiki, but as there are a lot of changes involved in this update, there's much potential for confusion and erroneous configuration and documentation. Please help improving this further on.

@Andre: I've included the various middleend and backend plugins in the working set. Could you please double check that I included the right ones?

@All: Please, don't hesitate to add any important information I may have missed.

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