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Re: [emft-dev] Athena Build

Hi Miles,

as far as I remember, the transition from the modeling build to the common build infrastructure (Athena) was very smooth. After we got our build slots, everything worked out very well. Please have a look at the helpful documentation in the wiki:

We had one issue with dependent builds: Our requirement was to compile Xpand against the latest succesful build of MWE. That was not possible from the very beginning, so I opened a bug and it has been fixed in a couple of days. Works like a charm for us, although I have to admit that we do not execute any UI tests on this infrastructure yet. But I'm confident that there will not be any serious problems with them.

The only other thing that comes to my mind is the format of the map file to specifiy the CVS location. We had to add some entries that were not necessery for a successful build with the modeling build infrastructure. But that was not too difficult.

Hope that helps,

On 12.08.2009, at 03:26, Miles Parker wrote:

Sebatian and all,

Poking around modeling CVS and confirming on this list, I see that folks are adopting Athena. I'm thinking this looks easier than getting my pre-contribution PDE build working in new name-space / project structure. I'm going to go ahead and copy MWE's basic setup (there is even a local Mac build!) but I just wondered how that process went and any glitches to look out for.

(AMP Lead)
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