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[emft-dev] Re: [m2m-dev] Re: [gmf-dev] [modeling-dev] Metamodeling

Yes, I have knowledge in UML, and I will create my metamodels using diagrams.
As I'm a beginner, I want to know some tips in the task of metamodeling, some knowledge that you got along your experience in metamodeling and that you can share. For example, how I must create relationships or inheritence between abstract or concrete metaclasses...
I want to know the experience of the people that construct metamodels.

2009/8/4 Bo Liu <diablo47@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi, Andreza
Before moving to GMF, such as graphic definition, mapping, you need your metamodel in EMF
which is short for Eclipse Modelling Framework.
you could find a lot useful information in
Especially the tutorials, they are very usefull.
You have several way to create your metamodel, from XML, Annotated Java, and Rose UML class diagram.
In EMF, a metamodel is normally called the Ecore model.
I usually create my metamodel from the ecore diagram, it's almost the same with UML class diagram.
If you have some knowledge of UML, it would be easy for you to "draw" your metamodel in that way.
There is a book recommanded in the website: the Eclipse modelling framework, 2nd edition, It will help too if you
are completely new to EMF.
All the best
Liu Bo
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Subject: [gmf-dev] [modeling-dev] Metamodeling

Hi everybody,

I'm new in metamodeling. I would like to ask you help me with some tips in metamodeling.
How can I begin to create metamodels?
While you are metamodeling, do you note some common behavioral between metaclasses relationship?
Can you tell me some features that I have to know for metamodeling?
Thanks a lot.

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