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[emft-dev] [Fwd: Some EMFT components have not submitted for Galileo]


I have already been treating each component lead as a project lead. You all know who you are, so please address the issues Wayne has raised in his note to me.

It seems to me that some of these things have already been done, so perhaps some things have been lost in the shuffle...

--- Begin Message --- Hi Ed. The EMFT EMF Compare and MWE projects have not submitted their IP Logs for review. The Mint project has not provided the IP Log or any docuware for Galileo.

For completeness, the MWE project did submit the EMFT ip log, but Sharon has rejected it as is it not representative of MWE.

FYI... I have been in communication with Eike Stepper about getting the CDO docuware submitted.

Can you communicate the necessity of providing this information to the projects?

On a side note, since the new dev process equates projects with components, do you think that each of the components in EMFT (and EMF) should have a Project Lead?



--- End Message ---

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