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[emft-dev] Mystery of the missing Update Zips :: Solved!

The reason you're not getting Update zips for Xtext is that you are inputting the wrong zip. Update zips are created ONLY if you feed in the Master zip, and you're feeding in the following:

filePrefixesToUnzipArray=( "$projectName-$subprojectName-SDK-incubation-" "$projectName-$subprojectName-automated-tests-incubation-" "$projectName-$subprojectName-examples-incubation-" );

In your promoteToEclipse.*.properties file(s), make sure you're feeding in the "$projectName-$subprojectName-Master-incubation-" zip instead of the above entries.


(2009-03-03 12:00:13) huebner: so if i promote a build there will be an Update zip in? (2009-03-03 12:00:40) nickboldt: yeah, as there are for the last two I builds (2009-03-03 12:00:48) nickboldt: just need to figure out why the file size is missing (2009-03-03 12:00:53) huebner: is this also enabled for m2t or tmf? If not how to do this?
(2009-03-03 12:01:02) nickboldt: yeah, it's on for everyone automagically

(2009-03-03 12:02:59) huebner: this one got no Update zip :(
(2009-03-03 12:03:01) huebner:
(2009-03-03 12:03:09) ***huebner promoted today

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Release Engineer :: Eclipse Modeling & Dash CBI

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