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[emft-dev] Recent changes to build page for dependency selection

Thanks to a request from the good folks in PDT, the build system can now handle SDKs and runtimes as build input. So, if you only need EMF and XSD runtimes, you can pass those in instead of emf-xsd-SDK, and then reference them in your builds as ${emfruntimeFile} and ${xsdruntimeFile}. I've also added wtpwst, rse, dltkcore, dltkrse, xtext, and another match for dtp [1].


(Oh, and I know this current implementation doesn't scale worth a damn. The next-gen version will just collect URLs and create ant variables dynamically based on the URL. Stay tuned to dash-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx for news of the new Common Builder [2].)


In your build/_common.php, you can set more restrictive patterns to select these runtimes instead of SDKs. The benefit is your input will be smaller and thus faster to unpack & use. The detriment is that if you need the sources for any reason, this won't work for you. :)

Don't forget to check out the changes to that file onto emft.eclipse or modeling.eclipse [3]. BTW, works great for builds which do not need UI testing (I'm working on it). If you want to move to a server with 10x as much free space, drop me a line or open a bug and I'll make sure your userid on emft is ported to modeling (if I haven't already done so).


Here's what PDT now uses for its dependency pattern match (note line breaks added for legibility; PHP is still legal this way):

	"regex" =>
		"R-.*200.*/eclipse-SDK-|" .
		"[MSR]200.*/emf-runtime-2.4|" .
		"[MSR]200.*/xsd-runtime-2.4|" .
		"[MSR]200.*/GEF-.+-3.4|" .
		"R3.0/.+/wtp-wst-|" .

Nick Boldt ::
Release Engineer :: Eclipse Modeling & Dash CBI

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