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[emft-dev] Re: [emf-dev] What happened to bugzilla's Target Milestones?

I thought Kenn's idea of slotting MDT's EMO bugs into milestones was a good one, because it showed us when we needed either to make changes (e.g., capabilities and other things that the build system doesn't deal with) or just to verify that we are compliant and sign our names to them.
Yes, that's true -- it's good to see what's due, as well as WHEN.
I actually found some instances in my components where things that, for example, the build system would do for me weren't being done because I just wasn't leveraging the existing capability (e.g., individual source bundles).
If you switch over to individual source bundles for your components, and exploit the PDE Packager in buildAll.xml instead of the hacky "assembly by hand" approach that we had for Ganymede... and get really bored... you're welcome to tackle EMF too. Everyone loves a parade... of patches. :)

(Both of those have examples in the wiki.)

Nick Boldt ::

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