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Re: [emft-dev] [Fwd: Re: [] XML Project Plans]


I have a couple of questions:

- requires me to think about themes. Who benefits from this? Can I specifiy a single dummy theme, too?
- The management of target milestones becomes necessary, too. What can I do if the fix of a bug is applied (merged) to several branches?
- Is it enough to specifiy the next release instead of smaller milestones (M1, M2, ...)? The ones I'd need are not in the list...
- How are the component-level plans merged into a combined project-level plan? I can't enter a plan URL for components in the portal meta data...
- Is there more semantic description of the various elements and attributes? (Which stuff is optional/mandatory, what is the meaning of...)
- I'm missing a New&Noteworthy section (better: per milestone) to support content like this:


Ed Merks schrieb:
Just a reminder that plans are due at the end of the month.  I'm unfortunately behind on this myself.  I expect components to create a per-component plan as if you were a project, which you soon will be under the newly approved development process, so no one is exempt.  A minimal bare bones plan is fine.  See the attached note for details. Do not follow my bad example and delay until the last minute!  I'll try to set a better example in the coming week...

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