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[emft-dev] Re: [gmf-dev] Proposal for an early GMF 2.1.1 release

Copying EMF, EMFT, and MDT dev lists in case other projects who contribute to (or depend on) GMF want to follow this mini-train. If they do I suggest coordinating efforts via #eclipse-modeling as we did in June for Ganymede's Final Daze [1].


FYI, I'll be on vacation Aug 1 - 20 (inclusive).


Richard Gronback wrote:
Hi Anthony,

This seems fine to me. I’ve updated our plan wiki for 2.2 (lots of tentative dates, likely to be changed) that includes info on the 2.1 maintenance releases 2.1.1-2.1.3.


On 7/15/08 3:34 PM, "Anthony Hunter" <anthonyh@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Hi Team,

    Remember the GMF 1.0.2 early release two years ago aligned with
    WTP ( )
    ? WTP is doing an early release again this year, as described here .

    I did not think we needed to do an early release, but someone
    found a performance regression and they want a fix ( ). We have a
    few others that we could put into the early release as well.

    So once again this year, here is what I propose for your agreement
    (or dissent).

    We will plan a 2.1.1 maintenance release for August 15 (like WTP).
    We will still plan a 2.1.2 maintenance release following the rest
    of Ganymede release train.

    Sound agreeable?

    Anthony Hunter mailto:anthonyh@xxxxxxxxxx
    Software Development Manager: Eclipse Open Source Components
    IBM Rational Software: Aurora / GMF / Modeling Tools
    Phone: 613-270-4613

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