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[emft-dev] Re: Today's RC4 build schedule

I moved GMF to tomorrow at Anthony's request (they're a +2 anyway). Note also that I've just unearthed a problem w/ UML2 (missing signatures) so your stuff might need to get pushed back a bit.

Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling ::

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          "Christian W. Damus" <give.a.damus@xxxxxxxxx>

          06/09/08 12:27 PM


Nick Boldt/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA


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Re: Today's RC4 build schedule

Thanks, Nick.

I won't be able to sniff and promote my builds for 6.00, as I will be commuting homeward with my car-pool. Hopefully, that isn't a problem for GMF.


On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 12:16 -0400, Nick Boldt wrote:

      Christian requested that his 4 builds run today instead of tomorrow, and
      Ed, James, and Paul have confirmed that their bits are ready.

      So, here's today's plan:

      EMF: 12:30pm

      GEF: 1:30pm (Anthony: ping me if you need more time to tag & release.)

      JET & UML2: 2pm

      OCL + QTV: 4pm, if the above builds (EMF, GEF, UML2) are sniffed and
      released on time

      GMF: 6pm, if the above builds (EMF, GEF, UML2) are sniffed and released
      on time (GMFers, ping me if you need more time, or would prefer to run

      Note also that the Platform's RC4 is delayed, so I'll be running with
      their RC3 instead. Objections? Let me know.

      I will publish EMF & GEF automatically unless instructed otherwise.
      Everyone else, smoke 'em and push 'em yourself or let me know when
      you're ready and I'll flip the switch for you.


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