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[emft-dev] Re: [gmf-releng] Re: [m2m-dev] Ganymede Must Dos :: Signed Sources :: Action Required

Good tip. Did you have to do much more than step one, the addition of "individualSourceBundles=true" ?

Any gotchas to report, other than what's in that wiki page?


Richard Gronback wrote:
Another *very* easy thing you may consider doing is updating the way you
package sources, as we've done in GMF iaw


On 6/5/08 9:57 PM, "Nick Boldt" <codeslave@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Mea culpa. Just in time for RC4, more releng changes! I hear you
groaning already, but relax, this one's easy.

Please have a read through this bug [1] and if you decide your project
needs to adhere to this change (or your PMC decrees it!), here's a quick
wiki update [2] to explain the two minor changes required.


Thanks to Max Feldman, who showed me how *very* easy it is to make PDE
generate update jars instead of mixed jars/folders. Kudos! I'm fairly
sure that because of that, GMF is immune to this problem.

Thanks also to Christian Damus for verifying it worked for his 4
projects, and providing the fix in easy to clone cvs diff format.


Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling ::

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