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[emft-dev] Ganymede Modeling RC3 Build Schedule for June 2 & 3 (+1/+2 bands)

The following is the schedule for the RC3 builds' start times. If there's nothing new in CVS, your build will not run. (I've worked around, so as long as you tag & release, your build should proceed.)

Monday: EMF (4pm-5:15), GEF (4:30), UML2 (5:20), JET (5:20)
Tuesday: OCL*, MQ*, MT, VF (4pm through 5:45pm)
Tuesday: GMF (6pm)

/* Note that OCL and MQ are slated to run their RC2, not RC3./

As before, I need your stated +1s before I'll publish your build & update the Ganymede/Signoffs wiki... unless you choose to DIY. :)

Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling ::

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